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Eat less meat to save the planet.

'Eat less meat to save the planet'

Scientists are warning that we all need to eat less meat to help protect the environment.

The study, by Aberdeen and Cambridge Universities, says that greenhouse gases from food production will rise by 80% by 2050 if we don't change our eating habits.


Roger Harrabin

The study examines what needs to be done if greenhouse gas emissions from farming are to be cut alongside emissions from transport, homes and industry.

It says, on current trends, with people round the world getting richer and eating American-style diets, farm emissions will boom as forest land is converted to agriculture and fertiliser is sprayed on the fields.

The report says the emissions' growth can be contained somewhat, if farmers in developing countries are helped to improve their yields from existing fields. It'll help to stop wasting food too, the authors say.

But then there's the really hard bit: they say persuading people to eat less meat and dairy produce can actually lead to a big overall cut in emissions from farming.

emissions: emisyon, salım

alongside: yanı sıra

boom: artmak

fertiliser: suni gübre

somewhat: biraz, bir nebze

yields: ürün, verim

dairy produce: süt ürünleri



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