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İngilizce Gaziantep | Gaziantep In English


Gaziantep, Antep as the citizens of Turkey call, is the 8th largest city of Turkey.  The population of Gaziantep is  1.844.438. In the region of South-Eastern Anatolia, Gaziantep is the leading city in terms of industry and development.  Also, Gaziantep is one of the first habitat of human-beings on the earth. What is more, Gaziantep plays an important role in commerce and industry of Turkey. This is because Gaziantep is near to important ports of Turkey (İskenderun, Mersin) and it is like a bridge between Turkey and Middle East.  The symbols of Gaziantep are Gaziantep Castle, Baklava, pistache, Zeugma and of course coppering.

Although there are plent of natural springs, there is not any natural lake. For that reason, lots of artificial lakes and dams have been built in the city. The most important stream is Fırat River and its affluents.

The important districts of the city are:  Nurdağı, İslahiye, Yavuzeli, Araban, Oğuzeli, Nizip and Karkamış.

Terrestrial Climate and Mediterranean Climate are experienced in Gaziantep. During June, July, August and September extreme hot weather conditions are experienced.

There are four universities in Gaziantep: Gaziantep University, Zirve University, Sanko University and Hasan Kalyoncu University.

Gaziantepspor is one of 18 teams in Turkey playing in Super Leauge. And Gaziantepbelediyespor plays in second league.



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